Thadudette - A Place Called Slaughter Race Literal Lyrics

Instagram filter?
Plane tries to beam me up but I'll just stroll along
So I can sing my song
Cue ballet toes
Now I'm singing so I don't scare birds anymore
What am I talking to it for?
Hey! There's a dollar store!
I'm spinning!
Broom guy's not winning
Balancing while I breathe tear gas
Stole some trash
Song's slow now FAST!
(Shank, *Vanellope*)
Look I'm tall and you're short!
Grab that axe and build a fort!
Improper lifting technique!
*Imply your friend is a thief*
Stand up!
Hardcore jump rope
Ghetto pot roast
Snoopy feels
Found my hot wheels!
Spin and point st the jumpscare!
Now you do a fin bump here!
*Fin bump*
(Shark, *dog*, dog 2)
Sewer shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
*She doesn't chеw up her food!*
Always sticking out my tongue!
(Vanellopе, *Shank*)
Some headpats here for everyone!
*Let's stop standing in the street.*
*Arms out, spin to beat!*
A big guy will now drill your teeth!
(Vanellope spoken)
Wow I wish I could dance like that
Eh, It's probably why you put me in the car
Great job, very nice work everyone
*weird dizzy vanellope noises*
(Vanellope, *shank* sung)
Car flies through space and WOW I can breathe!
It's my favorite stage in Rocket League!
*I stalked you all the way into space*
Sparkly car farts
*Boost activate*
Now I'm in first!
*Nope, second place!*
Shifting our gears!
Car-nado race!
And sudden BRAKES!
(Vanellope, *clown*)
Now Dreamworks intro
I'm glad I can float
Because I'm really really really really really really high
*We interrupt this program to advertise a flying tricycle*
Conflicted face
Glad my car is okay