ThaHipHopHead - Outro (We Survived) Lyrics

Back the fuck up, it's the verbal sword-swinging
Boulder-flinging cold-shoulder turning fledgling
Who's atoned for his sinning, now he's winning
And his career steered into the first inning
Now he is the most feared rapper of them all
He eatin' with the belly of a beast, hall
Of Fame isn't enough for him, with the gall
He got, he wants the top spot, his face on Mars
Men envy him, women lust for him as well
And he got hot demons hustlin' from Hell
Makin' it big in MMXVII
Bought the album with the large C, he flies high
Aye aye captain, shoot 'em, and don't think to miss
Heathens treated like Bear Grylls, they drink the piss
Sinkin' ships, then he surfaces, stark, and missed
About damn time, he made it out the dark abyss
[Outro: Man 2, and ThaHipHopHead]
Ah, long has it been...oh shit...I'm cold...and hungry...haven't seen the fam in...fuck knows how that a light? Aw shit, I'm out of here! Ah, fuck yeah...YES! I'm finally fucking free of this place! Ah shit, ah shit...hey...what's this...?
What's up y'all?
This is....
...Your favorite nightmare