The Arusha Accord - The New Face Of Revenge Lyrics

I couldn’t find another way out
I dwelt while you considered to release your compassion, but you left it nameless in the dark
The new face of revenge became my everything
The downpours, the darkness, the trust you devoured, remind us; you need to know who you are before you play god, because
I can’t take another fall and your tripwires always bring me down
Is this worth conversing? Is this worth conversing? Is this worth conversing or am I repeating myself? And even if we achieve, our skeletons beneath the earth still breathe
I know I helped to bury us and I know that
I know it’s not all your fucking fault but you killed our name
Killed our name, but not minded in dismay, now assures that the bitterness of death has passed, maybe just maybe we can live
As we approached the edge to make the final jump in all confidence, I realised; no oh my god we can’t fly
Down to the depths to our end
Next time I’ll find someone with stronger wings under which to hide
Never again, never again, never again, never again!
The new face of revenge became my everything
Never again will I take the hand of empathy to heart
Against my will I ask myself; if it falls in to my hands wherefore will you stand? Would you face threatening skies?
Now that you’ve shown me your full intent I can no longer abstain the end
I became an architect to a ruin that was always going to fall
Betray me, betray me, you betrayed me, you changed and it’s terminal
Against my better knowledge you lay inside your sad discourse
I try to find some inspiration in these times
My guilty shame, deny the facts once again
I’m blinded by your cover we’re just an empty name
All is distained, sever me from the strings on which you use to play | and I will not let this pass, you grew a plague in my heart
In this fucking heart