The Casual Brothers - Declaration of Motivation Lyrics

Welcome ladies and gents, players and lowlifes
It's an honor for me to present to you The Casual Brothers
Straight from the Wax Cabinet, Sweden, Europe
They're here and gonna do their new song, Declaration of Motivation, so give them a nice round of applause
The Casual Brothers!
{Embee and Cos.M.I.C}
{Rock across the map}
{International crowds}
{Who would do a thing like that?}
{I don't know, but they left this note}
Ya! We're doing this for meditation and soul salvation
We're doing this for people in poor nations
In the breast occasions, will help you keeping the faith
Mental medication for those who's waiting in vain, yo
We're doing this for you to sleep to and dream to
We're doing this for you to eat to and breath to
And of course for all the weed heads to get their smoke on
We give the cops something that they can choke off
We're doing this for you to bomb the city to
Because we're doing this for all graffiti crews
We're doing this for love couples to get intimate to
And if you're feeling this to, let the adrenaline through
And the shit we make is like mace for evil eyes. Why?
'Cause our music is made for equal rights, right!
We're doing this for all the old school fans
And the pump in your van, you know that soulful chant
This is for city rats and alley cats
And those who's being stabbed in the back and no longer having that
We're doing this for illegal soundsystems
This is musical fire, hot and sizzlin'
We're doing this for you do dance to, get in trance to
We're doing this for you to pose in a b-boy stands to
We're doing this for Sweden and overseas
No matter the country we at, we preach freedom of speech, what
[Scratch Bridge: Embee]
To those that need light in their darkest hour
Dark, dark, darkest hour
Number one on the planet
Come on, let 'em know it's us when we come on
Embee and dope beats
For international crowds
Rock across the map
We're doing this to get a positive vibe
And of rockin' it live for the fattest possible crowd
We're doing this for free travels, M.C. battles
So step aside, your style's dead, weak challenge
We're doing this for self-supporting rackers
Everyday hustlers, indie-freaks and backpackers
We're doing this for innocent prisoners
We all trapped with the cops on our backs dissin' us
We're doing this to spread the word, make us heard
In every stinking rat-hole around the world
We're doing this for 1200 deck jocking
Suitable for aggressive head nodding
We're doing this for those who hate the troop and
We're doing this so the papers get their scoop and
I gotta say this, we're doing this for the ladies
Sophisticated women and bikini babies
We're doing this to continue spit anthems
You can't balance, we keep dropping hit albums
We used to do this to get our name on a flyer
Nowadays it's the money and the fame that inspires
[Outro: Cos.M.I.C. {Embee}]
Haha... so now you know... Casual Brothers...
Collect the cream, with the extra cheese on top...
Believe that!
Come on, let 'em know it's us when we come on
Let 'em know it's us...come on
Number one on the planet
To those who need light in their darkest hours
Embee and Cos.M.I.C
Rock across the map
International crowds
To those who need light in their darkest hours