The Deadfly Ensemble - Meaty Bones And Porridge Lyrics

Seamus was a little lad, maybe five, maybe six, tough as a nail. Red, dead, no head ? ogre killed his cousin and he wanted revenge. And so he scaled the hill and stood there a-scowling, his hands on his hips. A dog came out barking with murderous lips !
Ogre and his dog, both malice dripping drool, black eyeballs of coal! Seamus, unafraid, spoke of princess breakfast blood and offered a taste: three drops in hot porridge. Oh, get me more, Ill not eat thee, I swear! Ill keep from the village; Ill stay in my lair !
Seamus gathered marching men and told them of the ogre so drunk in his lust ! But what about the dog? they cried. That bloody hound hears everything, and warns of approach ! But little Seamus laughed
Morning came and Seamus stood, holding out the wooden bowl tainted with red. Ogre grinned with greed, Seamus said hed bring him more, just lock up the dog. And so the men jumped in and cut off his head while he sipped at the gruel. The ogres last thought : that hed been a fool