The Deadfly Ensemble - Queen Maude's Pirates Lyrics

On ships as black as pitch we are a coastal snarl-
Every boat enraged, and rabid !
Every tooth engaged and savage !
On ships as fast as falcon screams in high ravines-
Every man a sharpened talon !
Veins that pulse with a virile toxin !
We sail for pride and ruin !
Plunder culled from the sea were strewn in !
[Queen Maude :]
Rain comes from black clouds, so death from my fleet ! Loud and cruel peals of thunder, my foes blasted under the sea ! Along ridge lines, in mist, heads on oak spines foretell doom to all who would cross into Maudes mountain halls!
[Pirates :]
On ships as fell as rime and frost to the cold and lost-
Merchantmen we catch and strangle !
Laden galleons we entangle !
On ships as sharp as morning light to smoke-filled sight-
Every man a corsair-demon !
Eyes alight with mortal seething !
We sail for Maude, our Queen !
We rule the seas for lands unseen !
[Queen Maude :]
My people have known war from highland to seashore ! Our gods have abandoned their mad childrens land in dismay ! Perdition is served in a flagon for heroes; their souls may unbend, sheltered in flame