The Goats - Aaah D Yaaa Lyrics

People are walking people are talking
Walking and talking to this funky jive
Better if it's baked like a tasty cake
Sit back and listen to this
This viscous vibe
About the pro-lifers the real pied pipers
With millions starving they want ya ta crank out more
Abandon them in diapers to become the real lifers
Doing 5 ta 10 for robbing a liquor store
Full-time lobby run by Ed and Bobby
And a bunch of women who are safe from the semen
The Holy Bible makes pro-choice libel
It's not 5 AD so stop ya dreamin
Nigga bashing, dago thrashing
Racial epithets are for the unthinking man
Rappers cash in cause its the fashion I can't walk on water so I won't try drinking sand
Aah D. Yaa
Billions and billions of unfunked civilians
Doing the ninety-five in the ninety-two
Beige ole abode in a beige pavilion
Having billions of kids who have nothing to do
A Quayle is a bird and birds have bird brains
A Bush is a shrub and shrubs never lie
Doing the 95 in a summer resort
Doing the 95 in a suit and a tie
Protection dwindles and the police swindle
Tax dollars caught in a political sludge
Open your vent dis the government
Too much inertia it will never budge
Yes, mommy dearest, we got political careerists
Green blood pumping through their every veins
For the corporations, doing hip gyrations
Making green dollars and leaving red blood stains
Aah D. Yaa
I am Oatie from the hopping Goaties
Trying real hard to add bran to ya diet Eat it whole grain, with butter or plain substance for to keep ya stomach quiet
I'm MA-Double, the shaver of the stubble
The sublimer of rhymers if that's cool with you I get in a trance and do the funkee dance
Busting da half steppers with a trusty pool cue
My name is Pat but you can call me Swayzack
You can call me Jack 'cause it's all the same
But due to the fact that I react like that
You can't label brain so what's in a name
This bread will rise not fall
Please don't smoke those Pall Malls
To all dissenters smoking Menthols
We say that's all