The Goats - Noriega's Coke Stand Lyrics

Chicken Little: Look at 'em. We have yet to find our Uncle Scam and now we have no money
Hangerhead: Fuck Uncle Scam! What we need is an easy (?)!
Noriega: Hey you kids, Manny Noriega couldn't help but overhear the tough pickle you're in. I think I can help. It happens I need a couple of extra salesmen like yourselves
Chicken Little: I can't believe our Uncle Scam would let you sell stuff in his carnival
Noriega: Let me? Me and Uncle Scam are boys! He pays well for my services, man. You want greenbacks? This is the spot!
Chicken Little: I can't do nothin' for ya. Sellin' Noriega (?) coke ain't doin' nothin' for nobody
Hangerhead: Fuck that Chicken Little! Go for self! Poverty sucks!
Chicken Little: Sorry Mr. Noriega, but we need to find our uncle
Noriega: Yeah, well your uncle don't come round here much no more, but what you should do is ask my biggest customers: the Georgie Bush Kids over by the wheel of recession. Maybe they can help you out man