The Gr8 - JSYK Lyrics

Yeah, love gat two things, its either you love or be loved
Yeah, love gat two things, its either you love or be loved ayy
Love gat two things yeah, it's either you love or be loved
Love gat two things, yeah ayy its either you love or be loved ayy
I've been watching you like we in a cinema
Like a Netflix show I've been watching your every move
Like the communion service I don't joke with you
Eat your body, drink your juice say some prayers later
I really don't care bout what the hater say
You my bride, you ma queen , fuck what they think or say
Ayy walk with you on the alleyway, I reminisce the red carpet like its our wedding day
(Verse 1)
Just so you know I put you on the highest place in my life
And ain't nobody taking your place cause you my wife
I ain't driven shit if I ain't driven you
Like mother confessor I'm confessing my love to you
Like the legend of the seeker mehn I seek true love
I found peace love and happiness in you
And every other thing they say I know it isn't true
Cause everything I seek baby I found in you
And there's no way to tell me that I'm fucking leaving you
My love so strong the hurricane couldn't do shit
Make a portrait of you like Quinton Canossa in my heart
No hide and seek games baby you'll always be in my heart
Tell me anything anything you want baby I'll buy
Versace and Gucci fendi and the other stuff
So We'd be rocking them thanking God that he designed us
He blessed our love so we gonna wax stronger
(Verse 2)
Everyday I think about you
Everyday I think about you, Just so you know
Like Liverpool I'll never wanna walk alone
I'll make it up to you I'll make sure you're in my zone
Like the flower in my garden imma cherish you
Like the Caterpillar turned into the butterfly
My love for you metamorphosed and so it fly's
(Verse 3)
Just so you know I'm here to take away you sorrow and your pain
Loving you entirely without making any gain
I'm gonna shower you my love like the dews and the rain
Don't you go babe, you gonna me go insane
(Repeat hook)
It's Gr8