The Matadors - Rock 'N' Roll Freakshow Lyrics

Up on the bar
So I can rock like the Devil on
This here big guitar
And tell your gals and pals to
Come from near and far
I'm gonna rock, gonna drink til
I can't stand up no more
And if you wanna have fun baby
Step inside
To the front row
Where I can blow your mind
We gotta rock and roll freakshow
Raging on fire tonight...
Well I could buy your woman
For a twenty dollar bill
It'd be the time of her life and
Be her last big thrill
I won't get satisfied til I get my fill
She keep on saying she won't but man
I KNOW she will...
And if you wanna keep her
You better hold on tight
'Cause I think she's going home
With Mr. Hooch tonight
After my rock and roll freakshow
Burns to the ground alright...
We've burned a hole into your ass
And into your mind
And when we leave tonight
We leave a trail of broken hears behind
Yeah, we're leaving man
But don't wish us well
We're gonna pack our
Earthly material belongings
And go straight back to Hell
With our rock and roll freakshow
Raging on fire tonight