The Peawees - Gonna Tell Lyrics

I'm gonna tell my mama i'm not a fool
That i've lost all her money
My god! There`s a black cloud always hanging over me
Gonna tell, tell my honey
I'm gonna tell my honey i'm not a criminal
That i got this gun
Cause i got into trouble and i had to run
I'm gonna tell my daddy i'm not a fool
It's not the way how i wanted things to be
I'm gonna tell my friends that i'm not so cruel
Well i had all i wanted
If it was not enough i took even more
With that dust as my fuel
It doesn't matter what you think, i was still the king
But then i met a man who had nothing to lose
You know the kind who don't play by the rules
He put his gun, his gun to my head
There's a hole in my head
And the winds laughs at me
A hole in my head
Why god said it's to be me
A hole in my head
A hole in my head
And it's to late oh yeah