TheAngelcy - Cetacean Stranding Lyrics

I think of my mom and dad
And I can't go through it
I've been staring at the fall
Now don't we all?
It’s not like I'm gonna do it
Gonna do it
When I feel the will to die
I apologize to the sky
Just for thinking of it
I can't stand myself no more
And I feel shame for it
You know I feel shame for it
I've been looking for an exit
For an ultimate defeat
And every window pops the question
But I'm still here
I’m only waving
Empty guns
Great plots of leaving
No rest on broken meanings
I’m being pushed off burning buildings
I mean, the dark’s too dark
It’s too dark for even dreaming
Heal me
Heal me
I would do anything
Baby whale cry out cry out
We all hand out our little lights
Down here
In the dark dark water