TheAngelcy - Everyone (And Their Mom) Lyrics

To sell my soul there to the devil
But the devil, well he never did show up
So I had to give myself to any passing stranger with handsome
Features, pretty face, kind eyes, some sweetness, something sharp
Reduced to getting, used to getting by
Searching for some grace while turning both blind eyes
I heard a rumble on the other side
Son, here comes everyone
Woke up applauded by some little judges
Holding up their shields of grudges
To protect themselves from a coming of a mad new world
I was sucking up to a music biz wiz
Who sells his soulful ears to mammoth
Companies who own summer, love, youth and all my songs
Well just like them I wear my plastic crown
You can hear that little craving fear in all I've done
Grace lies in the longest run
Long lost causes to be won
Here comes everyone
Look, this is the outskirts
A far cry from the supersize all-seeing eye
A wilderness of boredom
No lows, no highs
The only way out is to get lost in dreams
Whispers, prayers, visions
Before we spend too many years
In the belly of the beast
All the wrongs of the world tattooed deep under our skins
Yes, I'm a liar
Yes, I'm a thief
Even if these
Ready made morals keep
Me safe from myself
But barely remembering
The sweet taste
The essence
The only way out is to get soaked in dreams
The only way out is deep into the heart of the machine
Stare straight into the flames until the
Whole thing caves right in and loses grip
That's all I've got for you right now
A finger pointed at the sun
Well come on, come on, come on
I need everyone
I need everyone
I need everyone, everyone, everyone
Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone
(We're in this together
We're in this together
We're all dressed for murder
So how is the weather
We're in this together
This starship is sinking
Whole world in a spin
Get rich, die trying
So the whole world is dying
The whole world is dying
The whole world is dying)
Everyone, everyone