Thee Tom Hardy - I'm The Ooh Child (Ft. Murs) Lyrics

"Ladies! My Mercedes!
I'm the ooh child."
[Verse One] [Tom Hardy]:
They were worried cause I wasn't in a hurry
To go to school and get buried in work
It's a fad, this drum pad rap
Tom will get past that, Tom will have to go to class
But what if it wasn't meant?
What if I'm just the ish?
What if I had a hit for each one of your "what if's"?
What if I got a gift?
It's really no question
Cause after each session they're sayin' that Hardy blessed it
Throw a beat, Hardy catched it
Smashed it, mashed it, download, burned, blast it
Pass the offerin' around me
I'm collectin'
And me makin' records, it was so unexpected
So, let it be known, I'm here, I'm stayin'
Playin' my hits to y'all is second nature
Playin' my hits fir y'all is my pleasure
I'm playin' my hits for y'all to forever treasure
[Chorus]: [x8]
I'm the ooh child
(oooh chiiild)
[Verse Two]:
Have mercy, personally, I'm ready
Rhyme skills deadly from the jump
Classic era Wonder Bread bump
I'm the ooh child, who child? This thumps
Made me want to rhyme?
I don't even know
I just like to write
I just like to flow
It's how I spent my time
And if I wanna blow, first I gotta grind
As we shine
Stars shine bright as reflector beams at night
My presence been felt
Couldn't make it this far without help
And this is for my momma, dad and grandparents
And Brad Brown's mom and dad and his grandparents
Ed, Keaton, Cameron and Camille
The band geeks and everybody else that helped me get here
[Chorus]: [x8]
I'm the ooh child
(oooh chiiild)
[Verse Three] [Murs]:
I'm the ooh child
Like Trey in Furious
I stopped buyin' rap cause rap is bi-curious
Boyz N The Hood talkin' 'bout other boys
So what you got a buzz, I'm annoyed by the noise
Take my shoe off and smash these rap cowards
Backstage at Rock The Bells with they face all sour
Wouldn't crush a grape in a food fight
Cut a smile under your chin and start a new life
Transcendental meditation
Back to my weird shit, I'm off my medication
This song here was made, by the stair steps
Certified geek like I went to Bel-Aire Prep
Fresher than the Prince is, knock a rapper senseless
Till you felt my presence, you don't know what tense is
3:16 bangin' in the NC
Don't ask who's the freshest off the west, it's been me
[Chorus]: [x16]
I'm the ooh child
(oooh chiiild)