​theMIND - Craig (Ft. Krystal Metcalfe) Lyrics

Darker shade of brown
Bills come more than good ideas
Lil baby won't let me live it down
Ain't no tutorials
On how this supposed to go
Fight or flight
I wish we could walk on water
Talk to your daughter
About how you and her momma use to share tender moments over Popeyes chicken tenders only on Tuesdays
During specials
But she's special
Keep running till karma catch ya
We was nothing till momma met ya
Just energy and stardust
Some of the movies we’d watch as kids are just memories starring us
Somе twiddled they thumbs till fate finds thеm the right one
That’s just the game they come from
Parallel that to your Xbox One
Or PS4 Controller
You ain’t getting better
You just getting over
You play too much
Stayed up on the other side of midnight
Watching electric candles flicker
Before getting washed away by daylight
Even if the world turns quicker
I can’t live no faster
I can’t get no older
And still die young
I ain’t bout to just roll over
How did we get this numb?
Maybe these cold winters did us in
Maybe the devil yelled finish him
I pray bullets miss my kin
I seen kids in pools of blood that never learned to swim
Maybe we don't look like kids to them
Told my little brother it's stains of wet Cinnamon
Y'all still missing my sentiment
Hands wet cement
Heaven high and hell bent
Getting us out these predicaments
Breaking cycles, stream my shit on Tidal
Forbes count my pennies first
Give dollars to those who came up like you
Never claimed we cursed
I’m just saying, quit playing
‘for we all get hurt
You play too much