​theMIND - Faux Desires (Ft. Kari Faux) Lyrics

5 o’clock come around
I been thinkin bout you
Don’t know how to think without you
Bad times come around
Good times come around
5 o’clock comin down
I been thinking bout you
Where you at now?
This ain’t what you want
It’s what you need x2
Too black and outspoken for men that ain’t focused
So you gotta understand why you chosen
Wanna be next to me cause my skin glowing
Then you gotta play ya motherfucking role then
Please don’t get it confused, I got what you want plus what you need
And if you have high expectations then I shall supersede
See I got what you lack, just clean up your act and pull around back
If you knowing your worth don’t be scared to add tax
I feed my whole fam you won’t see me slack
Catching the vibe then catching a flight like everyday is a vacation
We got this shit straight out the basement
This may sound cocky but all that I’m saying is
This ain’t what you want
It’s what you need x2
TheMIND Verse 2
And what I need is
Love and whole lotta work
Imma wipe the blood on a shirt
Duck tears like bills on the 1st
All I ever wanted was a chance
We just tryna come up from the dirt
Guess now I really am a plant
Slip back to Philly with the fam
Imma take Hamid to Japan
I don’t need a check for my worth
We just need a car when I land
I just want a room full of friends
I don’t need no fam on a shirt
We just found room in the van
She just want a band in her pursue
Everything I’m saying I can merch
I broke thru
Sold a whole fall line over my Pro Tools
Use to feel pick low
Now I get Goku
Study my Sun Tzu
Via these vocals
And you too
Can get what you want
This ain’t what you want
It’s what you need x2
I need you to love me
Want me for my ugly
Plant my soul on front street
When them doubts they hunt me