Thicc Boi - Saucy boi Lyrics

Hit up the shrimp and the steak with the sauce
Hit up my racks and my wrist look like voss
My boo is so boujee her clothes are from Ross
I talk to my plug, i’m like “yo, wuss the cost?”
Hit up a shoutout to my nibba Das
My girl got the booty delicious like Pasta
Cover it up with the sauce, like Smuckers
Hop in the Choppa
Carry a choppa
21 savage I hang wit the mobstas
Red on me Lobster
Don’t got a concert
Dishin out meds from the trap, call me doctor
These beats are too thicc
My heat is too slick
My raps are too quick
Pull up wit my clique
Pull up wit a stick
Then I let it hit
I Cut up a brick
Then Hit up a lick
Collecting the coin, you can just call me Mario
I run the Cartel, should’ve been in Sicario
Ppl be blasting my songs on their stereo
Countin up decimals
Gettin numerical
This ain’t a miracle
This is the regular
Thots on my cellular
When i look down, im above my competitors
Diamonds, they on me, they shine cuz they specular
I make my own music, i don’t need an editor
No, ha
Cuz I make my own shit
And i’m on some grown shit
And you know that own this!
She up all night in my bed, blow me like whistle
Eat her like Skittles
Play with the nipples
Make that ass ripple
I played her like fiddle
Skrrt out and leave her, i pop her her a nickel
Being a playboy, man It’s really simple
Lick it, lip it, take her to the grotto
Hit it, dip it, cuz now she an old ho
Rap in, triplets, this ain’t no old flow
Trappin, rappin, straight out the bando
Slip it, click it, refill the ammo
Mind yo, bidness, don’t mess with the cargo
Way I, whip it, call it a combo
Collect, deposit, straight out Wells Fargo
Hittin a lick off me, say that’s a no-go
Mess with me, gon’ get the horns im a rhino
Mess with me, gon’ get shot up cuz I’m Rambo
Mess with me, gon’ get hurt, I’m the Gestapo
We not in bidness, keep up with the memo
I’m movin too fast, you can just call me turbo
My mind runnin fast, cuz im in Colorado
Feel like El Chapo
Escobar, Pablo
Dat’s my muchacho
Don’t mess wit no Five-O
I just want the Guapo
I’ll hit with the Glock-o
Steal yo bitch pronto
Im smooth like Gelato