This Runs Through - The Wind That Brought Us Here Lyrics

As the bars rust into emptiness
Nothing was left for us to say
Forever indented into the memories
I begin to see the light of the day
Coming into grasp with words I swallow
Knowing there's no room left grow
But to step into your shadow
This will be the last war
I cry these tears
To drown myself in hope
And I pray for you to meet me there
As I set sail in dreams of the safe place
Let me die as I reach for the light
Cut my words in two and burn them away
Now promise me you will let me go
Crying out our last goodbyes
Crying out one last goodnight
Goodnight I'll meet you there where you cleanse your words
And grasp for one last tear into my heart
How does my heart look as I lay on your floor?
The question that burns me, is will you find your home?
How does my heart look right now on your floor?