This Side Up - No M.E.S.S Lyrics

I skip the suds but buddy give me the bud and I’m fully up a McGillcuddy
Gully, above the clouds and the pressures down
Seize that, what do I do I get loosey goosey
Profusely tooting and getting goosed before I chew my muesli
Thoughts bubbling like a jacuzzi and yes it sways
Me towards unorthodox and lazy ways
That constantly delay me, so I hurry up
Whether or not I’m burning a bud, earning my cut is a must
I came to collect all my crust, so come on
I’m going to take it, lets go and take it
The thing is that I’m thinking of bringing it back to basics
Wasted too much time trying to be innovative
Afraid a nothing 'nah' no more
Hip hop has got my brain tricked
Never the same shit
Different shit every day kid
Dipping chicken strips with the chilli sauce in your womans knickers when she whips them off naked
No more of that every day same shit
Fuck that
I’m gonna take it, Let’s go and take it, No more of that everyday same shit fuck that
I’m gonna take it, Let’s go and take it, No more of that everyday same shit fuck that
Shaool’s Verse
Too long bogged down, tell ya I’ll be found like the toulland man
With my hands wrapped a round a stout
Gun shots ring out
The boys lamp rabbits
Six-one heads numb no rubber bandits
I’m feeling bananas, knowing everyday same’s
Like traipsing in a slow lane with no claim to nothing, wondering by-God is it backwards we’re going
Till I sit scribbling get epiphanies flowing
Up Benbulben fungi comes alive
Ancient sights and a view all the land all the sky
Waves break 50ft with surfers inside
Get the speakers and the genny to the island for the night
The beauty that’s in front, muddied up too much
Thirsty for some madness I swallow up the stuff
Fuck the huff puff slaving over nothing till I’m up
Everyday same good luck
Mad man on the outside with the insight