To The Grave - Pest Control (Ft. Daniel Maldonado) Lyrics

Bring me a child with its fucking throat slit
And i will put as many in the grave as i can
Seven billion people hit the dirt, choking on their last breath
I may look happy just don't ever forget
I'd kill the lot of you to clear my head
If you want to know exactly what's on my mind
Every single human being deserves to die in a hole
Yes, even me, even you, everyone you know
Our families and offspring pile in the ocean dead zone
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
We couldn't have died soon enough
Bring me the scalps of every newborn child
No life is worth saving
Sledge to the skull of every fucking baby boy
Don't bother resuscitating
Birth controller
Mouth breathers, filthy breeders
Oxygen wasting, population, bottom feeders
Ugly cretins dragged unto the kill floor, so pathetic
One by one you futile fucks must be dissected and displayed in public
Oh yes, there will be death
And not a shred of fucking mercy will be granted to them
Advocacy for abortion by any means
Initiate genophage
I won't let you look away
I'm going to force you to watch your family die
Life support, pull the plug, flatlining
Malignant parasites fill the morgue, disposed of
Thinning of the herd, drain the swamps due for extinction
I couldn't be more ashamed to be a human being
To walk on two legs, a pile of shit from the bottomless toilet
Life support, pull the plug, flatlining
Seven billion people hit the dirt
You are not normal, shame on you all
Unfit to exist, pest control
All i want to do is stomp your teeth into the concrete
Rip your tongue out through your throat and watch you try to speak
Bleed out as you self-harm in the corner of the bathroom
As you turn pale and blue, I'll drag you to the toilet flush you
Die slow, bleed out
Pigs march to their graves