Tom Heany - Long Story (Ft. Tom Heany) Lyrics

Keep your whiskey, son, I need my edge
I'm waiting on a man I used to know
I'd just as soon surprise him, if you catch my drift
It has to do with reaping what you sow
We've been going at each other 27 years
I haven't gotten even, but my moment is near
Hard to see how brothers could end up here
But that's a long story
I lost that finger when I was a boy
My old man was fooling with a knife
He bragged about it later - said it made me strong
He called it my first lesson in life
He used to beat on people to blow off steam
He told me he was tough, but he was stupid, drunk and mean
I put that bastard down the day I turned 13
But that's a long story
There was a woman helped me pull my head out of my ass
Got me through most of this mess
She used to say, “I don't look like much these days
But you should have seen me in my prom dress.”
She had roses and briars tattooed on her legs
Started right above the knee
They twined together in a true love knot
But you didn't hear that from me
Here's my man, son, I've got to move
I'd be headed out the door if I were you
I'm coming out myself in a minute or so -
Don't be in my way when I do
If they ask about us talking, there's no need to pretend
Nothing's going to happen here that you can defend
I'll go back to where this started and try to make it end
But that's a long story