Trinity the Tuck - 2 for 1 Special (Interlude) Lyrics

Oh, wow, look at this perfectly-placed plastic surgery menu
That makes me happy
It may look like I have resting bitch face, but I'm elated
Let's see here, hmm
Breast augmentation
I'm actually not allowed to get another one
Too many CC's
Oh, well
Armpit removal
Hmm, I'll take two
Kneecap replacement, buy one, get one free?
That's a steal
Shoulder shave
Yes, God
Oh, my God, I've always wanted this
A nose flattening
Sure, I don't need to smell
Like, why do we even have chins?
What is a chin?
How did I get here?
Oh, yeah, Botox
You know what?
I'll have one of everything