Triple Darkness - Spoken Word (Ft. Amenoir) Lyrics

[Intro: Cyrus Malachi]
Yo, this is Cyrus Malachi
I'd like to introduce a very unique artist
Goes by the name Amenoir
And i'm saying, spitting very poetical darts
The Kemet Revivalist Movement
Bets kept secret, best believe it
I'm on
[Verse: Amenoir]
For all my commandos in locks, braids and cornrows
Follow these flows and we master new millenniums
Being placed in ghetto dungeons
Wild 'cause we're being beat by beast with [?] style truncheons
Organise your movements
Organise your movements, minds and money for the revolution ain't funny
Local vanguards like Nasheron, Cyrus, Cyrus Malachi
Follow we, align against the common enemy
From Brixton to Hackney, calling all real gangsters in this war
'Cause if you're a true gangster then know what you're fighting for
Whilst public politicians devise new game plans to destruct man
Devise new distractions to implement new trends
Whilst we, whilst we forget about fighting for the nation
And fight for the grunted ends
Yeah blood, it's your choice, taste my tears, now hear my voice
From my, from my cerebellum, I keep telling' em
I keep telling 'em, I keep telling 'em from Kenyans
High up in hills in battle hills, talking about military skills and Mau Mau manoeuvres
From intruders governed by Gay Edgar Hoover
To remove the rise of a new black messiah, angel [?]
COINTELPRO yet to expire, higher from deep deep deep
Deep from atomic [?] made my stomach ooze from your pores
Transcending telekinetic ways of struggles of Moors
And maroons made my vanguard voice and vernacular vehicles transport you to a Shanghai mass warrior tombs
Where the tombs stay forever wet
Drenched with our tears and libations, taste my tears
Now feel my venom when I tell 'em
For my cerebral cost to my cerebellum see i keep telling 'em
I keep telling 'em the revolution ain't over
It ain't over and if you're still Driving Miss Daisy
I'm flagging you down, yo blood, pull over
Keep your eyes on the prize, keep your eyes on the prize
Taste my tears, taste my tears, taste my tears