Twindem - Hatchback Lyrics

Im riding round in my Hatchback thinking bout life
Dont got no phone with no women I een living that life
Dont got no rollie on my wrist bezel dripping in ice
Dawg, I remember being broke with no women in sight
When I was younger Aaron was my only nigga in life
We used to hold on our Mama just to get through the nights
Years later now her baby boys killing the mic
Mama Im sorry that you heard about us getting in fights
I keep it real i een never had to grip on no pipe
I'd rather stay out them problems give my niggas advice
Expect your money stay away from the prison aight
And please don't worry bout the hoes try and get you a wife
Thats what i tell em thats they business they don't listen
They still my niggas though and i can never diss em
God can you tell my brother that I miss him
Feels like it was just yesterday that i was with him
And Grammy said I'm praying for you baby
Grammy I know but they hating on me lately
Tell me why its so hard to find a lady
Every time I do they treat me like I'm crazy
And its so crazy why I'm thinking bout Mercedes
Was in the ghetto but i treat her like my baby
Every year that go I lose somebody close to me
I pray this year it een the one that mean the most to me
You see the niggas that Im with?
I wouldn't play with me
If thats yo chick i wouldn't let her spend a day with me
If she with you then why she always tryna stay with me
And I grind for all the real niggas
I wouldn't spit if i een live it Imma real nigga
I rap bout pain cause I know how it feel nigga
I'll keep it real with ya every cut dont heal nigga
Every cut don't heal nigga
God can you hear me I need you to put your hand on me
Father forgive me I know I hurt you but i een perfect thats the man on me
Man you niggas ain't real like this
If you lying I could feel that shit
Yall niggas hear me and they feel that shit
Fergie told me the streets need that shit
(They need that shit)
(Verse 2: Bwah)
My life ain't up to par
Got a job I een lying to get hard
And Imma rapper why they got me mopping floors?
I told Jordan Im supposed to be a star
Please dont judge me where I'm at cause I came far
We go hard and people realise who we are (Twin & Bwah)
I don't forget the way that people make me feel
They love the twins dawg cause we keep it real
I used to talk to Destiny I let her go
Could never find in my heart to love a hoe
I told Twin these women fake he said "I Know"
Can't get a high if they know your money low
Stephy you was supposed to be there when we blow
They Ask about you we don't know you anymore
And Momma said I'm praying for you honey
I learnt theres more to being rich than having money
And I feel selfish when I talk bout losing friends
My sister lost her first child when does it end
We barely talk but God I love her to the end
Don't you ever put her through that hurt again
Im watching power Im writing in notes
All I wanted was Natasha they went ghost
When you broke you gone see who love you most
When you rich everybody play you close
Im riding round in my hatchback thinking bout life
I was riding round with Tisha when I broke the head light
She introduced me to the reefer I remember that night
I wasn't high girl I guess I wasn't doing it right
Sorry Mama I'll never smoke again in my life
And I don't ever wanna see me broke again in my life
When I was younger Ashton was my only nigga in life
Sometimes I feel like he still my only nigga in life
That shit real though