Unda Preshur - Jitters (Freeverse) Lyrics

Watch me wither and crash covered in cigarette ash
With a Mickey mixing whiskey through the tip of the flask
Pick up the glass couple hickies groupie chick in the back
Find a bic I would I flash, nicotine attack
Shiver and gasp, now I feel the swig of the jack
Sit and relax on the couch lights flicker to black
Drinking for a few days hear her whisper and laugh
Was I dreaming of my ex? I got demons in my head
I remember why I'm drinking cause I'm leaving to forget
My regrets... Inner me screaming cause I'm dead
Need a reason for me breathing cause this evening I was left
Twas appealing it was sex, she was wet
Vividly remember that the feeling was the best
Consider her a friend before she reeled me in her web
And I'm caught, got the heart, she's been stealing in my chest
I wake up for a minute clutching into the couch
I get this image of them living him and her in a house
Exchange vows... now I say wow
She said the same things to me I can break down
She found the right man... I'm like damn
Take another sip slam the bottle on my night stand
Now she's a wife and a mother type we might ran
Away young and dumb thinking that we had our life planned
You won... No fair share of the win
Going through a tough time and I'm scared that I'm in
A dark world hard to breathe the very air that we live
Im a different person don't you dare compare me to him
Back to the couch, Feel I'm in a rough patch
I'm a tough lad, empty bottles empty cups half
Used to drink stuff like I love that and bump rap
Now it's to stop these f*** ing thoughts I'm like god damn
Razor blade romance between alocohol and her
Calming all my nerves, tylenol and words
Feel I'm falling off the earth ima Molotov I'll burst
The walls around me burn. I'm concerned
And I should call it off I'm hurt
Heh, yeah look at me a f*** ing sucker
Nicotine and coffee mixed with alcohol erupt the rubber
Motherf*** er, and I gotta duck for cover
She's got a kid with him I doubt I'll ever love another
I'll f*** ing suffer
Rapping on the couch a prisoner of booze
Living in a room on a bed of cigarettes no sympathy I lose
I feel your pity when I message him like is it true?
You heard about me said it'd be different If it was you
I miss you calling me, right before we fall asleep
Your boyfriend never knew it I was willing to give all of me
Again, wonder if you thought of me when he proposed he oughta be
A lucky f*** ing guy, you f*** ing rotted me
When you said yes, now I feel head less
My first real date winter time with a red dress
I need some bed rest, not a stupid f*** ing couch
With a bottle for a pillow man I can't forget this
He knows you've been cheating when I came true
He forgives you and me, and I did the same move
I felt bad in that nervous house I'm in
I never should of left just so you can work it out with him
Thought we had more time, see you at the bar
Before it close I wanted you one more time
The thing with one more time, you think you're fine
It's addiction I never would of quit it with you
If I had you like you're mine
Busy pacing the room, I'm on the couch again
I can talk it out but I feel like saying f*** a friend
F*** a friend, on a track I'll f*** ing jump again
Talking to you, until the musics f*** ing done with then