Untitled (Rapper) - Kennedy Lyrics

They hate me, they hate me
Now we killin' shit
Watch it rock
Why my Jimmy Cricket yellin', "Listen, nigga, slow it up."
'Cause you only young once, live once, die once
And once you hit that third strike, you wanna know you're left, right?
Clue. 'Round here they flip niggas down like Guess Who
And pens ain't the only tools brought to school
Yeah, they jail break the rules
So keep your eyes cracked like fractures, little rapper
Eyes on the crucifix; watch who you cross
A bunch of loose teeth, nigga; watch where you floss
'Cause you ain't gettin' liability for slippin'
You'll just be knocked down, fucked up, and missin'
Understand that shit sucks like quicksand
And the alpha man's just a target for every man
All that fuckin' stuntin's how you end up in an ambulance
Hopin' that repentance is limitless
I pray it is
[Hook: Rick Ross]
They wanna push my top back like JFK
So, so I JFK
Join forces with the kings and we ate all day
Join forces with the kings and we ate all day
[Verse 2: Sneak]
They lookin' at life like live fast and never die
Life's a loaded die, so I
Dress to the T like ?
Roll it one time and praises to the most high
Then, uh, praise is due to the most fly, I
In the triangular illuminous and lie
But I can't help but feel like my day's a little down
Y'all say everything I spit's intense, so let's ?
I feel it in my chest like a kick from Leonidas
Mixed with some loud Crips
Followed by defibrillation, I can feel it comin'
Guess I'm findin' my Nemo
Backwards, omen
Tryin' to stay focused with a cloud above my Caesar
Roman, ready to take its revenge
Like Conan
Barbarically, with your wife in the next seat
Next thing: Bang, bang, you are deceased
Let it ride