UVerd Hawkins - 8 AM skit (Ft. Joe pera) Lyrics

I've actually got another idea
Something that helps me fall asleep is listening to voicemails I receive
From friends and family
I've got a few here I'd like to show you(beep)
*Hello- happy Halloween
Its 20 minutes after 9 on Halloween evening
When you get a chance give us a call(beep)
Hi honey,its mom, just , just saying hello
I'll talk to you later, bye(beep)
Yo this is Charles, I'm playing phone-tag with this girl so uhm
I still haven't heard yet but uh ??? coming on
So I will probably be able to go to phantom of the opera with you
Alright, bye*
Hey I just realised, the sheds are a little burnt(beep)
*Hello Its #, uhm it was nice going out with you last night
But I got to be straight forward*
Uhm, Sorry - I've been to delete that one
When we would go out I would have to wear running sneakers
So that I could run home after she gave me a goodnight kiss
If I didn't tire myself out
I would lie in bed the rest of the night with my eyes like th---