Van Solo - Texas Money Lyrics

Our father, sworn in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
In kingdom come, it will be done
Forgive those who trespass against us
Till we go to heaven
Uh, uh (i be that young nigga getting money)
I be that young nigga getting money
(young nigga getting money)
Verse 1:
Im coming down from coming up
She look at me she wanna fuck
I wanna buck ima timberwolf
Screaming at the skies i am who took a chance at this rap shit
Bitches love the fashion
Cameras stay swaggin
My look got the passion
Niggas say whats haddnin when im riding through the madness
The city that i have been
Smoking to survive
Now bitches getting live all becuase im saying hi
Yup, im staying high nigga pass me the blizzo
Smoking like i did in high school
And i ain't that old
Dude, im just that cold
Beemer tires on potholes
Bops out, her tops out, we smoke a plane she go down souf
I dont hold a grudge, i just hold a blunt
Dont ask for favors dont ask me none
I got it on my own so punk nigga leave me lone
As i roam with my God in mind
Labels want the dotted line
Nigga like me ain't even signed
Im just deadly on this grind
Killing shit, wave me up
Lets match while im smoking bruh
Girl you ain't about shit now come up out that outfit
Double cup wit my zippy zip
Buy yo own im stingy bitch
Niggas talking bout it
My niggas really bout it
I dont care if you ain't the homie
Most these rap niggas is phony, jabroni
Bitch ill smack yo ass
Take yo girl and leave you mad
Call that shit backlash (yeah yeah)
Niggas dap me in the trap and i ain't even on yet
Just finished a bottle
And I ain't even gone yet
Open sea, yeah she wet
Hit it, so its Devinn next
Passing hoes, macking strong
Money over every thumb
Texas when im folding ones
Throwing em up on her skun
Riding through my old hood
Hollering whats really good
Giving motivation as the young boss said he would
Gripping wood, Gripping grain
Trunk bang in the turning lane
I get enough brain to drive yo stupid hoes insane
As we minaj stupid ho niggas
This is just the vision when you a
Yung nigga getting money
I'm just a young nigga getting money
I be that yung nigga getting moneyx3