Velosse T - Sight of the Sasquatch Lyrics

Man, this shit is gonna be so whack
You will have to replay every second of the track
Just to let it sink in, just to let it clarify, just to let it become clear, just to let it attack
Sasquatches are all around us
They’re even sitting next to you on your school bus
I mean you wouldn’t think that they would be as good
At camouflaging themselves in the ‘hood
This may seem crazy, but if you believe
The sasquatches are quite easy to conceive
If you are high or you are drunk
They will join in; they just love to have fun
But are you sure you aren’t tripping on shrooms again
Because that would explain the hallucinations then
You may be going round the bend
Coz shit is crazy and it doesn’t mend
[Hook: Velosse T]
The sight of the Sasquatch is one to see
For if you see it you will believe
The feelings all rush to your face
You will end up feeling like a disgrace
[Verse 2:]
You may think that this is a little bit wrong
But that is the reason why I wrote this song
To be a bit bizarre, to be a bit weird
It will be heard though, and maybe adhered
Coz the world is becoming too straight forward
They’re starting to become people who ignore words
That are considered to be incorrect
Because otherwise they would interject
With their theories, especially the ones that are known
I mean they are the ones that are truly in the zone
The sasquatch is just one sign
That is going to book them for their crimes
I mean humanity deserves to be free
And the message is relevant to you and me
I mean ya just gotta come with me and see
Coz that is how the shit will be
[Verse 3:]
I really think that all these faces
Are blank, they’re not going places
If you pass someone on the street
Tell them about the sasquatches when you meet
They will eventually get what you’re saying
Coz they are commuters, and they are paying
For the government and all their jobs
For the singers and the teenage heartthrobs
Nah, I’m just joking you’re really quite high
Wake up and go touch the sky