VerBS - I'm On by Nocando (Ft. VerBS) Lyrics

Instead of stalling like Joseph, I push forth
Look dork, Hella brolic, flow so melancholic
I'm broke so instead of balling, I'm just feeling better jotting
Make sure the cheddar dropped is crazy, see the flow
About time you heard a track with VerBs and 'cando
Determined to burn just like the wicks on the candle
Keeping it hood just like the WICs and the canned food
You're the illest but you can't prove it
Your role models will vouch for the damn music
Long as my pen's moving continue to improve it
Even when improving it sounds like the Benz fluid
I've been awesome, represent the swim squadron
I've been gobbling beats just like cheap lobster
Now, plus I got chicks rocking a smile
Lowball, been around the map, been around the pad
Now this nigga's about to smash sets craziest
Hands, get em up. Scream until they wreck tracheas
Pan left, pan right, pan up, see me
Respect cadences and what
Beck Thavius beats, it's all startling
Get your fucking limbs up, throw in all cartilidge
Flow so marvelous, gotta say it twice
It's my time to shine, gotta pay the price
[Verse 2: NoCanDo]
No caffeine, no booze, no THC
I'm buzzing right now boy, but don't freebase me
Fuck a punchline, my bloodline's got PHD
And men who engineer planes for lock head, and child please
High school diploma, no college degrees
Rappers with brain floods talking even bothering me
I got pyramid builder poppin up in my jeans
It erupts from my seams interrupting my dreams
Some folks heard a new rhyme and thought niggerish images
Live with this idiot, primitive lyricist
We evolved way back, I was a braniac
So remember bitch, your genesis was Jimmy's leviticus
Nah nah nah, homie here's my new testament
Thall shalt be fly without rhyming like shoe specialists
If your album's about what you're wearing all fall
Your music video might look like a debutante ball
Now I'm caffeinated, high and drunk
Wearing some kind of dunks that look like hawaiian punch
Holding me down cause I used to feel fly as fuck back when I tied the chucks
Dressed like a punk, hip hopper roam in my town
My name is Nocando, if you're familliar then you're family now
The rapper that you love is probably rocking some of my hand-me-downs
I ain't calling them swagger jackers, saying I'm a swagger hatcher
Taught them how to swing like bagger vance when they were backup dancers
Y'all ill but chill homie, we're way doper
Okay soldier, get a makeover and stay sober
Stop complaining about your miserable little hang-over
You play possum, we play vulture, nigga game over