Vultur - Void of Hallucinating Torment Lyrics

Dementia and agony lurking like a beast
Gruesome murk Spreading fast like curtains on the eyes
Can't discern is this real? this catatonic sight
The insidious whispers shadows come to life
Sense of fear guiding me like a shepherd blind
Stranded in the void of delusive torment
Beast like creatures lurking horror storming over
All the strain is sustained mentally deranged
Deadly curse made in flesh devouring the brain
Into manic rabies seizing now the knife
Stab to death the monster broke into the house
All the shock of blood possessing in my mind
Still cannot see I murdered my own child
And I vomit of abhor in elusive torment
Consciousness screaming loud falling into sadness
Psychosomatic total stress tormenting erosion
Living scars of the void bleeding defecation
After all the healing therapies and drugs
The hellucinating now fell apart
Now in lucid state and self odious lust
Finally I am free to die