Waqqas - Shook Lyrics

Talking too much got me stressing, hoe
First I always count my Blessings, Bro
Then I count that money second, Bro
Make it just to spend, do that shit again
Blow it with my friends, HittaZ put in ends
Tryna join the Gang, really it depends
I don't know your name, that's in my defense
I got trust issues. I can't fuck with you
Homie stay in your lane before them bucks hit you
I don't mean to diss you, but your family'll miss you
Man our cloth Ain't the same I can't talk with you
See I Gotta get that money, man I grind for it
You clowns are sounding funny, Ain't got time for it
Anything I do I put my mind to it
Mentality makes you wonder if I'm blind to it
Man, I see Y'all talking shit behind my back
Haters Gonna hate, that's how Y'all Gonna act
You claim that you don't care, then why you keeping track
Man fuck them HittaZ, Joseph, pass the yack
Used to try to walk all over me, I think they understand now
Still got the baby face, they treat me like the man now
If you Ain't got the money, I Ain't giving out no handouts
Money on my mind, I don't have no time to hang out
Try to surface nonsense and you know that I will level ya
Evidence is concrete know my eses man I'm telling ya
Pancho got no problems if I tell him put an end to ya
Oh my God, it's scary that this life is getting regular
'Cause everywhere I turn, man, I see the hate
Can't trust anyone 'cause they all seem fake
Wishing that I fall that I make mistakes
See me coming up and they mad I'm great
Climbing towards the top man you know that I won't stop
Get your shit rocked if you fuckin' with the opps
All that sneaky shit, it don't run on the block
This shooting Ain't a dance once your ass get caught
Drink that Henny straight and they say I'm actin' Dark skin
Got no time for games man I'm cool up off that nonsense
Focused on my dollars man I'm only talking business
We putting 12 hours in them studio sessions
Been told Y'all it's La Familia
Aktive N I.E. boy I'm telling ya
Doing our own thing we been hustling
You only see success after struggling
We just Tryna see our dreams as a reality
Got mouths I'm Tryna feed, you can't eat for free
I got this shit on lock, like a latchkey
I'm staying sucker-free boy don't hassle me (Gone)