Warsan Shire - The Kitchen Lyrics

lately, your husband's mind has been elsewhere.
Honeyed dates, goat's milk;
you want to quiet the bloating of salt.
Coconut and ghee butter;
he kisses the back of your neck at the stove.
Cayenne and roasted pine nuts;
you offer him the hollow of your throat.
Saffron and rosemary;
you don't ask him her name.
Vine leaves and olives;
you let him lift you by the waist.
Cinnamon and tamarind;
lay you down on the kitchen counter.
Almonds soaked in rose water;
your husband is hungry.
Sweet mangoes and sugared lemon;
he had forgotten the way you taste.
Sour dough and cumin;
but she cannot make him eat, like you.