WhoseURS - Peaks shit. Lyrics

I made this shit in ‘97 out of the womb
My summer in the desert had me dabblin in shrooms
Seeing my reasons melt away in that gallery
I sold my time to afford the dowry
Don't call me Jacob I'm just trying to get Leahd
Seven years in my head make you wind up in a grave
Wake up in the morning still skipping on the shave
Twelve years at Christian school realized I wasn't saved
Blind leading blind
I will never see the time
It took for me to look out and realize my grind
I just steal fines and lie
I just seal fates and fly
If your looking for an enemy I'm an ally
I can hear you rolling dollars to my lines
Scrawled on paper so White it shines
Laura Palmer couldn't have enough supply
Gumming all my writtens for when I speak to God
Cracking all these bottles like my wit is thirsty dog
And that's some Peaks shit
You speaking that's some weak shit
Wrap you in plastic better put you away
Recooperate with some cherry pie for the stay
{Verse 2}
Grinning wildly I'm mildly insane
Black coffee in my mug and murder on my brain
Went from little dick prince to abdicating sex
And sitting on my throne advocating checks
Playing on my DS to calculated chess
I can really go ape shit pounding on my chest
I prefer to stay reserved
Purge these hickeys on my neck
Leave ya Screaming in reverse like a motherfucking wreck