Yoni & Geti - I, Testarossa Lyrics

I got rhymes written on a Kindle
In some towns I'm known as gentle
In some towns I drive a rental
Bouncing out to Sacramento
We can move to San Diego
Sometimes I look out the window
Sometimes I don't go by gentle
Bought a new car because I want to show you
Got a new girlfriend, she 22
They cut bangs into my daughter
She don't recognize her father
She had on a flannel sweater
I told her I have to measure
I had on three-quarter leather
Lately I been feeling better
After hours we in a small town
She said her last name was Gale-Brown
This know-it-all calls himself handsome
Song came on, everyone starts dancing
Twenty-five bucks, put it in the jukebox
Think about my daughter how they cutting her locks
Strokes videos looks like Katy Perry
Wife not there but we all merry
This chick got bangs like my daughter
I ask her, do she know my daughter?
Hot air balloon
I'mma turn her home soon
Take the tugboat
I'm waving hello
I saw a pic what my daughter's bangs like
I can't describe what this hang's like
Man turns his back on his family: no good
But I'm good at buying people whiskey
Call up the wife like "Baby, you miss me?"
See me on the street and I might look iffy
These overalls they look like sandals
Melting away like they was candles
I don't mind cause I feel the same too
Get my act together, it's raining
Back to the wife: I'm Brutus Beefcake
Try the cheesecake
Please don't be late
Wear your seatbelt
Prepare for changes
I bought my wife trips to places
I bought my wife new computer
Lately I been playing tuba
She been trying to do the trombone
This old crone, she stole my cellphone
Don't eat scones cause now I'm back home
Purple posters and the bathrobe
Model Testarossa Lego
Catch me outside buying legume
I have new ambrosia loafer
Functional, soft like a roller
Talking to a young girl: Coca-Cola
My son homework in his folder
My daughter like "Yo, what's the hold up?"
Clean your hole up
Need a canteen camel
I walk in my lady sandals
I walk like I carry cattles
We handled this:
My bitterness
My lemon-twist
This is just my tenderness
My wretchedness
I'm a pessimist
Get to this
What a mess it is
What a precipice
I'm a poltergeist
I'm a poltergeist
I'mma say it once
I'mma say it twice
I'm a poltergeist
I'm a poltergeist
But I might return tonight