Young Cory - Youthful Lyrics

YC The Boy
[Verse: Young Cory]
Small minded these niggas be making minor moves
Investing all they coins in designer shoes
I got material, you materialistic
Innovator, a rebel i'm such a misfit
My young bulls they get the cash the fast way
I'm big homie got major pull and the cachet
The 8ight is on my bach cousin they callin' me Kirk
John Doe's no one knows y'all body of work
Case closed all my foes i murk go berserk
Keep some friends at a distance i'm staying alert
Remain watchful if they close and don't clap when you win
Day ones A1 we at it again
The hate is up, my weight is up and patience wearing thin
At a disadvantage based off the complexion of our skin
They petrified of youthful educated black men
You a target they'll hit ya then drop the charges
Protect ya seed let it blossom then you harvest
Through the disbelief and doubt we bloomed regardless
These rappers say they supervillains they're no Heath Ledger
Rest in Paradise Miles Rose, Travel Fletcher
Kicking knowledge ghetto college i'm the young professor
Want a verse then you gone have to pay me for that lecture
Can't do nothing but respect it and acknowledge it, but
If your skills superb then you can earn a scholarship
Maintain focus that woman is a distraction
Nothing platonic just a physical attraction
Lust at first sight, she let me fuck the first night
Damn don't like to sound sleazy but tease me
I don't want you if it's that easy believe me
These women lower they morals to get on TV
But who am i to judge do yo steezy
And salute to all 'em who cop'd the CD
Young Negro Entrepreneur colored executive
Under 500 and yo L's been consecutive
This a contact sport we extremely competitive
Sleeping on the squad like they swallowed several sedatives
We need it all from the trophies to banners to rings
Fathers left us, you ain't know you abandoned a king?
Nowhere to be found or there in the home
My unborn son the heir to the throne
Mom pressin' she wishing i have a daughter
She a blessing the reason i'm going harder
Musically they looking for me to grant 'em a charter
Cuz that boy been rapping like he a descendant of the Carter's
Rebel Gang, Shawn Cory D'wayne
Not just triumphant stories deliver glory and shame
Lyrics so poetic my allegories insane
Troubled adolescent she love the man i became
Outgrew a couple homies so we don't no longer hang
It's ten years later you thinking and act the same
While i've regained freedom you can't confine nor detain
Ask hype he's known me since a juvenile, super wild
That's my A&R if you a future star hit him now
Spoiled little LA girl she vain and shallow
Immature, superficial, and callow
Vet been here for years you still wet behind the ears
Ticking time-bomb so i'm a threat to some peers
They're worried you'll surpass 'em, that's truly their biggest fear
False niggas fake, smiling in my face it's weird
And you Instagram rappers beginning to grind my gears
For you this shits a hobby it's never been a career
2017 what the fuck a selfie freestyle?
We got full ownership, drop then collect the fee pal
Took the fountain of youth i turned it into a stream
Now long live the dream we reigning supreme
DRR aka. the almighty regime