Youngduckgoon - Faded Lyrics

The rap game has faded, wasted what we created, some have brung it back but its more complicated, but we should rid of hatred, and stay motivated, because this is sacred but im just a kid so how would i know it, that’s how society operates, off of hate, poisoning opinions like snakes we’ve become fakes, going after bad goals like cakes we slaves to systems, no one can change that, its fine we cool cats, but now rap is about gats, not facts in the tracks, we used to be seperated by whites and blacks, that whack, no one should’ve had to deal with that, so we take paths, to satisfact the community, this stuff new to me, we won't understand we keep writing with a skilled hand and plugging on, the rap game might be back, so i guess we can relax
[hook youngduckgoon]
4/4 rhythm, keep it and what we’ve created, or else we’ll be faded(second time)Ok kids?
[verse 2 youngduckgoon]
We just kids rappin never understood what happened, we used to just spit until our lips were chappin, now we tryin to be rappin, most of us have skill but we aren’t drilled through the stacks of mixtapes that people made to find us, its a wonder, how this system is blundered, encumberd, a heavy weight, opinions are a forever unsettled debate, but this rap arena we’ll skate, until we find a way. I rap everyday. Hopefully our rhymes will get replays and not kids saying this should decay. We sway to beats then we start rhyming we crave tracks like sweets instrumentals make u mental inside, understand we rapping all the time, as a hobby wish i could do show inside of lobbys, but no, i’m a 11 year old kid, trying to know where to go in the rappin connection of things, Soon i’ll get a trophy and ring for rhyming, so lets hope, that people talk about stuff other than dope, so..