Yung Leaf - Fuck If I Know Lyrics

Meme Supreme
I'll take you on a journey
Through the mind of Yung Leaf
Don't question if it's real shit
Just suspend your disbelief
Had a shitty prom night
Popped a band for a suit
Platinum ranking on League
Will my album follow suit?
You know I'm a battler
Sike, that's the wrong number! (Ooooh!)
I don't fuck with basic bitches
Posting sunsets on Tumblr
My lines are offensive
Fucking up the peace sign
Do it like I'm Bob Ross
Happy Little Tree time
Beat the devil out of it
No domestic violence
Never gonna dance again
Feel empty like a violin
Treat the pain with vicodin
Popping pills like vitamins
Never liked my degree
Fuck that shit I'm retiring
Money, bitches, weed -
Never had any of them
Quit your whining Yung Leaf
That shit's your own problem
Everyday I wear the same shit
Black jeans and white shoes
Make the same mistakes again
I do what I choose
Last shitty track got 300 views
All I do is win when there's nothing to lose
Yeah, that's my life now
Rhymezone with filler words
Is this shit a verse now?
Lame memes on Facebook
Is that shit what's cool now?
Say fam and use emojis
I'm just acting the fool now
Fuck your positivity
I'm charged like an electron
When I take my shirt off
You know I'm putting my flex on