Zamaera - Z vs Z Lyrics

All my life was painted
How to make a mark if these brushes been stainless
How do I move on if this heart remains vengeful?
I forgive the old me but sometimes I forget to
Be a little strong
See I’m bigger than my wrongs
Lying to his face but I’m honest in the song
And I’m honest when I say, the drug can really change
Breakin us apart be it money, power or the ‘caine
This ain’t meant for kids, lil house on the prairie
Pourin out the past, you know damn well that shit is scary
Shower me with green, you know that’s just the envy
Cut me off the bill but they know they cannot end me
Hard to piss me off when I be on my zen shit
Used to ball the court now I'm watching by the benches
Had to shift the views, turn the loss to wins
So I wouldn’t change a thing even if I had the chance ho
They never knew a diamond in the making when they saw one
They only knew bidness when the stakes in, that was all front
Lil me, I was sixteen, with big dreams, so they all jumped
Fought back, when the OP dead, like a talk back yeah they all stunned
Cautious with the clauses
Workin with no pauses
Haters is common when dis cheque come wit commas
And karma is a bitch, oh
If you is a snitch, oh
Sidelined by society still I score all the free throws
My mind has got the message so I must be the messiah
Elevated on a level that’s higher than the Himalayas
Cause I’m preachin for the truth and I’m speakin for the youth
Put everything on the line, I ain’t got nothing left to lose, ooh
Losing is never an option
Repeat until its subconscious
I don’t respond to no nonsense
I don’t respond to no nonsense
Bitch you are not of importance
You and your fuckin endorsements
Fuck outta here with your comments
Fuck outta here with your comments
Had to lose the hope and cope with showin my own flaws is part of growing
Beauty in the body of the beast up on the mic, why can’t I be both then?
Talkin way too much, too little action man shit is gettin old
Refuse to still believe that success is based on genetic codes
Found a purpose in my path, ain’t never been this present
Had to learn the hard way the negatives are just blessings
Make the same mistakes till you turn it to a lesson
Put a mic and pen and paper tell me that is not a weapon
And I’m gone