Amelia Curran - Wrecking Ball Lyrics

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We'll come together on the renegade road
Lead you back to the wreckage of change
Build your bridges, learn your name
Cross the river in three good strides
Left the company wild with pride
River ribbon all around your legs
Gripped the surface and you turned your head
Jump the line and turn the key
Lose your guard, believe in me
I can love you best of all
I am the wrecking ball
Hallelujah changed your tune
The sky was open for you all too soon
Left the cradle in the rockin' wind
Ran from nothing like it's everything
Night can turn the mirror on
Saw your face and it looked all wrong
Where are the eyes that you looked out from?
Two young coins in the rising sun
So you curb and then the tragedy
You put your faith in a reverie
All good soldiers stand for thee
Losing battles in front row seats
As your shoulders curl and bend with time
Then love and hatred must combine
You turn the page to reconcile
You see, I've loved you all the while