‌sewerperson - 36,000 feet underwater in the western pacific Lyrics

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I'm locked inside my head
Unconsciously conscious
Wraith walking, shadow me-men
A-After all, we do it for the screen time, wo-woah, woah
Wa-Walking to the plug, I'm on a beeline, woah
2am, McDonald's, Uber Eats, woah-woah, woah
3am, I never get my me time, woah, woah
She just put my sheets beneath the sea line, woah
I-I-I just racked my brain removing landmines, woahh
Expect my waves connecting to my family through the phone
Ex-ex-expect the unexpected, I might never leave my home
Expect the added tension when I step inside my zone
Th-Thirty is sixty, the perc dissolve in the Schweppes
This murky water could fix me, I'm sipping down my Guiseppe
Cl-Clothes depress when I'm sweaty
My scales just rip at the fleece
I'm exposed for the devil, I say a prayer, 'fore I sleep