‌sewerperson - ​it’s a cruel, cruel world Lyrics

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Alright, run it
Alright check this one
Godlow on the track
[Verse 1]
Looking  at myself in the mirror, what a monster
Had  to load it up and then I eat it like it's Knackwurst
I can't open up, I gotta fiddle with the lock first
What's  the point of climbing when you worried if the drop hurts
I just slipped outside inside my Nikes
Rain had coat my shit and I can hear 'em laughing at me
I see all my forms like 2014 with the acne
I'm  not gonna hurt 'em, am I lying? Bitch, I might be
I just slapped that boy into reality
I just bent his mind and made him crave his own fatality
Looks like everything about my salary
Yeah, you got the weekend but the rest you living hourly
Check, check
Yeah I got a cheque
Break bread
Half of it went to the meds
And the rest had put a Polo pony right on top my chest
It's a flex
It's a flex
I got on at Royal York like I was living in the Rex
It's a cruel world (it's a cruel world, it's a cruel world)
We live in
Oh (old, yeah yeah)
It's a cold world (it's a cruel world)
We live in
[Verse 2]
I never listen
I never listen
I couldn't get it
I hate the beef
But I eat it up
If you gonna bread it
You got to drinking
And said some shit
Told me to forget it
I wish I could
But my memory
Gonna know you said it
I go to sleep
Hoping catching z's
Gonna gimme leverage
When I'm asleep
It's a lucid dream
'Bout what I'm forgettin'
I'm drinking up
When I'm smoking up
Knowing I'll regret it
I'm passin' out
When I'm throwing up
Like I need a medic
Oh (I'm telling you, fuck the world shit)
It's a cruel world (yeah, yeah)
We live in
Oh ([It's okay])
It's a cold world
We live in
It's a cruel world
We live in
It's a cold world
We live in