Caveman - On the Road Lyrics

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To a show in another place
My eyes lookin’ like they’re tired of my face:
Bloodshot and evidently cold
Pull up to a little shack
Park the van out around the back
Main Street in a town I never heard of
Full of folks that never heard of me
But they’ll know before I leave
Small towns in East Kentucky
Or in the mountains of Tennessee
Ain’t no better way to travel
West Virginia needs some company
Indiana, you don’t know me
And I guess you ain’t been told
I aim to try and make you dance tonight
I aim to try and make you all a little less cold
When the show’s over, wrap it up
Ain’t no roadies to haul my stuff
Oh-no, another sleepin’-in-the-van night
That’s alright, I’m thankful it ain’t cold