D-tin - My World (Ft. Aeylecm) Lyrics

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My world, this is my world
Be forewarned of the dangers inside, inside of
My mind, this is my mind
I don't care if you don't think I'm kind
I just don't give a fuck!
[Verse 1: D-tin]
Welcome to the psychotic mind of Baby Shady!
Take a peak inside and find that I'ma make your earth quake like Haiti
Bring your homie to back you up and I'ma knock y'all down just like the twin
I'm like the man of steel, hence the latter of "D-tin"
But I'm in a Shady zone, better not walk out on your own
Or the Horseman's gonna make you headless, take your necklace and choke you till your head explodes!
I'm demented, full of demons, quit screaming, just accept he's on his way
He wants to play a game, where he's the predator and you're the prey!
My mind is so twisted you would think I had the brain of a contortionist
Pro-abortionist, where are you gonna be when the need for an abortion hits?
I got a coat hanger, let's get this thing started now open wide
You might feel a little pinch while I'm ripping the fetus out from inside
I don't give a fuck if you find me offensive, all of you were warned of this
Even if I had diarrhea and laxatives I still wouldn't give a shit!
You can hate on me all you want, but can you do what I do?
No, well then shut your mouth, ape, before I have it gorilla glued
Am I insane in the membrane, did a wire snap, doctor please explain!
I haven't heard a white boy go this hard since the first time that I heard "My Name
Is" and it's one that I'll make sure you'll never forget
When two crackers come together it's the deadliest tag team that you've ever met
Or heard, you don't like it then for you we have four birds
To hear two white boys under 20 rap is just absurd
If this is what I am at first then what in the hell can I become?
But I'ma shut up, take the mic and pass it to the likes of Aeylecm
[Hook 2: Aeylecm]
My world, this is my world
Be forewarned, of the lyrics that I spit
They are poison and you might get sick
So, just listen, and take no offense
If you do then, I might be forced to get my clip and, well you know
[Verse 2: Aeylecm]
It's Aeylecm in it and I’m in it to win it
I made a hundred thousand yesterday, I already spent it
But that’s besides the point, y'all quick to blame and point
When y'all get caught in the cookie jar, I’m here rolling up a joint
Y'all already heard the twisted mindset of my boy D-tin
Now it's time to gaze into the faded brain of Aeylecm
And some of you bitches, might get a bit a offended
But I’ma not give a shit when I’m taking all over this
And just kneel before the offended power, getting crazier by the hour
Sipping lean and smoking sour, your mama just got out of my shower
After I fucked her in your room, diss me and D-tin and it's certain doom
For you and all of your mother fucking crew, I’ll chop your foot off but leave it in the shoe
I had a bitch so crazy that she cut off dude's dick
Stapled it to a dildo then hopped on it like a Pogo Stick
Then she asked me for a ring, what I look like Frodo, bitch?
She called me a fucking whore, so I tossed her in the ditch
Literally, it's my world so don’t fuck with me
It's page one for you mother fuckers, but most of you pricks don’t know how to read
It's Aeylecm and D-tin, dropping bombs like Arabians
If you don’t think we’re the best, fuck Khaled’s crew, check stats again
I got a lot of bodies in my closet, got a lot of polly’s in my pocket
It's our fucking world that means we got it
But not the title because we pawned it
If you want it then go thrift shop it
But you will never take it from us, I run this shit but I need to stop it
Cuz I might get wheezy and fucking drop it
[Hook 1: D-tin]
My world, this is my world
Be forewarned of the dangers inside, inside of
My mind, this is my mind
I don't care if you don't think I'm kind
I just don't give a fuck!