DaBaby - Ice Tray (Remix) Lyrics

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Look at my wrist, it's a ice tray (Huh), I'm smokin' like Smokey on Friday (Uh)
I  just got head in the parkin' lot, people saw it when they pulled up beside me (Huh)
These  niggas hatin', they Joe Budden (Bitch)
Run up on me and I'm gon' bomb 'em (Boom)
I'm selling gas out a 4 runner (Huh)
She  got that ass and a throat on her (ayy)
That's  my baby
I just got back in my rhythm with it (Huh), I got the gas in a rental with me (Gas)
I'm  tryna get me some muhfuckin' money, I can't get it laughin' and chillin' with ya
You's a lil' boy, you a little nigga, it's a motherfuckin' joke, it's a silly nigga
He blowing smoke like an engineer, I fuck his ho like a prison nigga
Who buyin' dope? I got plenty with me
If  he don't got a ride, then go get the nigga
And all of my rides got extensions with 'em
And I don't like this beat so I'm finished with it, nigga
Dig that'll fuck ya