DaBaby - Tax Time Lyrics

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I fuck your bitch better when it's tax time (It's RickyRick on the beat)
Tryna get up in them pants, 'cause I really need a bag, I 'on't really mean to brag
I ain't seen a nigga yet that can run in with ya boy
I'm walkin' 'round the house without a shirt like Uncle Roy
I sent my Uncle Rick to get some liquor from the store
I need to hit the nursing home to see my Uncle Ray
Supposed to go and see my mama but I went and made a play
I ain't nothing like the muh'fuckin' niggas round the way, I'm the muh'fuckin' truth
Everything I muh'fuckin' do
I asked him what he paid, the nigga said, "25," should've seen the nigga eyes when I told him, "22"
Like the other nigga face when I hit 'em for the twenty
You know everybody 'round me getting muh'fuckin' money
I ain't forget to pray, but I ain't go to church on Sunday
I was selling pounds tryna break 'em down to onions, goddamn, there he go
These niggas hate it when they see me on the radio, they even played a nigga on the TV
These niggas late, I told these niggas I was great they ain't believe me
I hit the crowd, the people squeeze me, they be screamin', "Baby Jesus"
Fucked around and made a 20 yesterday from sellin' reefer
Made another 45 hundred doin' niggas features
I'ma turn a 25 to a 50, double that and bring it back to the family everybody round me eatin'
And if I'm on the stage and nigga in the crowd play crazy we gon' jump up off the stage we gon' beat him
I cut a couple side hoes off, cause I don't got the time of the day for them bitches I don't need 'em
All the labels lookin' at me cut the muh'fuckin' check
'Cause I ain't seen a rapper out here fuckin' with me yet
I'm holding up a Rollie on my muh'fuckin' wrist
And I'm dancin' round with diamonds on my muh'fuckin' neck
Fuckin' on her good like I'm tryna break a sweat
I just hopped up off a flight, flew to Charlotte overnight
I don't wanna be a killer, I don't think you wanna die
That's a muh'fuckin' .40, put it on a nigga life
What the fuck a nigga mean, fuck is on a nigga mind
Why he wanna fuck with me? I was out here doing fine
Book the show and pay the fee, I'ma turn up every time
I'm too busy on the grind, don’t try now to hit my line