DaBaby - Intro (Billion Dollar Baby) Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Firzt on the track
Everybody want my vibe, everybody want my energy
It feel like everybody want my life, shit been fuckin' with my mind
My bitch a motherfucking dime
I sat her down when there was no one around
And I told her, "Look me in my eyes, keep it real don't ever lie"
She said that nigga a cornball, I turned that girl to my porn star
I turned that girl to my main thing, we holdin' hands at the Walmart
Me and you are not the same thing, I am nothing like what y'all are
Billion Dollar Baby like LeBron James, all a nigga do is ball, ball
I'ma turn it up on all y'all, they been blowing up my call log
Run up on me, I'ma shoot first, I'm a motherfuckin' ball hog
Goin' hard, I never fall off, [?]
You better come and get your girlfriend
'Cause I'm a motherfucking dog, dog
I'm a motherfucking cool guy, I got these hoes all on me
Kickin' bitches off the WiFi, she ain't fuckin', tell her, "Bye, bye"
I was lettin' niggas slide by, I was playing Mr. Nice Guy
I was stickin' to the program, stayin' down 'til it was my time
Thank the lord, I'm finally up now
Everything a nigga sing got me jumping out my sleep
20 thousand in a week
And I got it out the streets, uh
Never ballin' out with freak hoes
I'm the one who got the hookup
'Bout it, 'bout it Master P
A'ight nigga, a'ight nigga, a'ight
A'ight, a'ight, yeah
Yeah, you done, you done, you ready now, you ready now
You ready now
Mama having different type of ideas but you know
But, you know how the fuck your shit go about
Naming yourself and praising yourself, you know
Lil' nigga, you're brilliant, nigga
You're brilliant, nigga, you different, nigga
You sold me the game on God
You the billion dollar baby