DaBaby - Crazy Cousin (Interlude) Lyrics

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COUSIN: Shut up, I can hear you laughin' through the phone. She mine, nigga, I'm not playin'. Every bitch's heart
DABABY: Ha, ha, ha
I'm gon' make yo' bitch's heart, ya' feel me?
DABABY: Ha, ha, ha
COUSIN: The fuck, really, what is you doin'? What are lookin' at? Why are you just sittin' around? Bitch, no, that's not where I'm goin'. That's not what we doin'. [?...]
DABABY: Right, right
COUSIN: That's all a nigga want
DABABY: Right, right, right
COUSIN: Just gotta contribute, man, just gotta contribute, bitch [?...] Real shit, I need some money, my nigga
DABABY: Ha, ha, ha
COUSIN: And then after that, we can do all the other shit