DaBaby - March Madness Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's DaBaby
Baby  Jesus, entertainment for the Gods
Niggas  claim they got a deal for me, ha
If you done made it this far in the mixtape, man, I love you for that, you hear me, it's Baby Jesus, man
Yeah, what deal nigga? (What deal nigga? Huh?)
Show  me the money or just shut the fuck up talkin' to me
It's  DaBaby, bitch!
I finished a show and go sell a bow
Hop  right off a stage and jump in a rental
I see how they act when they in they feelings
And me, I rap just what I'm really living
I'ma keep winning and hit they women
I'ma  keep living the shit they spittin'
I'ma forgive 'em but won't forget it
I'ma get rich, put on for my city (Charlotte)
Take all the pain, leave it on the stage
Take off a plug and go make a play
I'm showin' love on the weed today
Did a pound of the OG for three today
It's a drought but I'm selling 'em cheap today
Play with me, send a hit where your people stay
Pray to God that I don't gotta prove it
Play with John and you know I'ma lose it
First let me start off by saying I came from the struggle, I came up from nothing
Oodles o'noodles when we had the munchies
I slept on a mattress, I don't need no covers
Had roaches and rats, you can go ask my brothers
I wan' see a mansion, and yankin' my foot up they ass with this rap
You can hate it or love it, this chick that I'm with is so bad I pulled over in traffic and laid her up right there in public, mwah
You say I'm disgusting, but these bitches, they love it
Better get you some money, yeah
I'm staying down with my niggas, don't play around with my niggas
I take your pounds with my niggas, I play the town with my niggas, you play around you could get it
I do not have time for these bitches, I do not have time for these niggas
I have all of my time dedicated to grind and get rich or die trying, my mind on a million
Not even half-way close to where I wanna be, I'm only 23, I don't have children
I hit the club one-deep, everyone fuck with me, showing me love when I walk in the building
But it don't matter, my mama still working, I'm still out here robbin', I'm still out here serving
I take your shit, act like it was an accident, that ain't what happened, I did it on purpose
These niggas dying to find out the recipe, working excessively, taking these chances
Moving aggressively, while calculatin' decisions, you probably won't understand it
All of them niggas who say they your niggas, be talking about you when you are not wit' 'em
Don't even address it, that shit was expected, initially, honestly, I'm not offended
If you wish me the worst, no hard feelings, I wish you the best, your success, that ain't none of my business
However, I want you to know I don't fuck wit' you, I say it loud so you could comprehend it