DaBaby - Can’t Fuck with Me* Lyrics

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I got 20 on my beat
I'ma sit here and let niggas think they can fuck with DaBaby (Let go)
I ain't even recorded in months, and I ain't doin' shit
They too muhfuckin' lazy (Ahh)
I went got me some ice, and I ain't really trippin'
Still feel like that nigga without it (Uh-uh, bling)
If you bring me some money, just make sure it's neat
I'ma make your ass sit there and count it (Bum bitch)
Ooh, that lil' nigga trippin', he childish (Ooh, woo)
That boy out his clothes, need a stylist (Ah)
They know he switch his flow when he wanna
He get beat up and act like he gone in a coma
Know the media wrong, they believe what they wanna
I'll be the nigga make him a believer
Beat him up, go to sleep, he start shakin' and shit
Call the ambulance, that nigga havin' a seizure (Burr)
I hope when-